Hardware – What is new with xTex A4 Scanner Version 4 launched in January 2023?

xTex A4 scanner Version 4, Release date January 24, 2023

We have made great improvements to our scanner to produce even higher quality and more accurate material scans!

See below:

  • High-resolution Z7 / Z7II Nikon mirror less camera support
    • Scanner version 4 does only support Nikon mirror less cameras! (to use a Nikon DSLR cameras (D810 or D850) please use a Version 3 scanner or earlier).
  • Individual lens adapters for perfect alignment
  • Robust USB C connection
  • Sturdy and modular hardware design
  • Soft-close drawer system
  • Updated D65 LED lighting
  • Improved base color accuracy *)
  • Improved normal maps *)

*) in combination with xTex software version 2.7 (launched February 2023) and higher

See the full specification of xTex A4, Version 4.

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